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Toy Story 4 Kerplunk


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Kerplunk! featuring Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 is the classic kids' game you know, now with a fun theme that Toy Story fans will love! Featuring fan-favorite characters Ducky and Bunny along with a carnival-themed game unit, this easy-to-learn kids game is sure to be a hit. To play, create a lattice of sticks inside the translucent, carnival-themed tower. Then, drop the Ducky and Bunny character pieces inside where the web of sticks will hold them. Each player takes a turn rolling the die and pulling out a colorful stick -- whichever color the die indicates. Be careful not to let your favorite characters fall -- the player who drops the fewest Ducky and Bunny character pieces is the winner! When you're ready to shake things up, grab the Buzz Lightyear character piece and try the super-fun special game mode. With easy instructions and no reading required, this game is great for kids and Toy Story 4 fans of any age. And since you create the lattice of sticks, no two games are alike! Includes 1 carnival game unit, 30 sticks, 1 die, 30 Ducky and Bunny character pieces and 1 Buzz Lightyear character piece. Colors and decorations may vary.

KerPlunk Toy Story 4 Character-Themed Game for 2-4 Players Ages 5Y+