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Risk: Europe

Winning Moves

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isk Europe Game from Winning Moves Games
  • Recommended for ages 14 years and older
  • For 2 to 4 players
  • This enhanced game of conquest will excite gamers with hours of battle and strategizing to control Europe
  • Each player steps into the role of a medieval king and competes with a full army to expand their kingdom and take over Europe
  • Includes: gameboard, 15 crowns, 4 armies with 35 footmen, 12 archers, 12 Calvary and 4 siege weapons each, 8 castles, 12 red dice, 32 kings order cards, 8 city bonus tiles, 21 gold pieces, 40 silver pieces, 4 war banners, first player marker, reminder cards, 8 crown cards, card box and illustrated instructions