Official Grip-Rite PVC Football

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From pick-up games to throwing it around while tailgating, the Grip-Rite® football is what you want. GRIP-RITE refers to the football's tacky touch, deep pebble surface, and precision-stitched construction, offering a professional look and feel. From the Pop Warner set to high school varsity, the double-tucked synthetic laces make it easy for anyone to grip and pass the football properly. The Grip-Rite® also includes an extra long air retention bladder so the ball is ready to go when you need it along with a multi-position kicking tee.

    • Tacky touch, deep pebble surface
    • Precision stitched construction
    • Double tuck synthetic laces
    • Extra long air retention bladder
    • Size: Official
  • Recommended age: 12 and up