Moj Moj Mini Original Squishy: Series 1

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Have fun playing with these Moj Moj Squishy Toys. Enjoy grabbing, poking and giggling while you squish these playful and cute critters. Each package includes two fun friends and a collectors guide poster so you know which one of these soft squishy toys you need to get next. You can build your collection of these collectible toys by getting the Adventure Seekers, Couch Potatoes, Day Dreamers and Party Animals. There are over 95 unique figures for you to play with and this particular package comes in a three pack of multi-colored animals.

Moj Moj Squishy Toys Collectable (3 Pack), Multicolor:
  • The first Moj Moj series
  • You can't resist the urge grab, poke, giggle, squeeze and squish these cute, colorful critters
  • Each pack includes two fun friends and collectors guide poster
  • Build your collection by family: Moj Moj are Adventure Seekers, Couch Potatoes, Day Dreamers, Party Animals and more
  • Collect 95+ unique Moj Moj
  • Styles will vary
  • Easy to clean with soapy water