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Halloween Spunky Hedgehog

Halloween Spunky Hedgehog

Our Halloween Spunky the Hedgehog stuffed animal is looking forward to indulging his sweet tooth this season! It was difficult to choose between the lollipops, candy corn, and candy bars, but Spunky has settled on the tricolored autumn classic! Clutching his prize in his four tiny paws, this little Hedgehog will win you over with his adorable design. Soft and cuddly plush materials in natural, woodsy colors lend Spunky a realistic appearance. His facial expression is brought to life with lively, dark eyes and a small, black nose. Sized to fit in the palm of your hand, this little plush Hedgehog is brimming over with irresistible charm. Let Spunky partake in the spooky season festivities and he’ll prove himself as a guest that’s as cute as he is cuddly!

Weight: 2.7oz

Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 4in

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