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Farm Animal Rummy

School Zone

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  • Set includes 54 game cards and 2 parent cards with tips and directions
  • For ages 4 and up
  • Large 3.375" x 6.375" cards with easy-to-sort rounded corners
  • Players will learn farm-related animals, numbers, and suits which introduces traditional card play
  • Be the first to play all your cards for a barnyard win
  • This game can help kids improve concentration and reaction time
  • Bright, colorful animal illustrations and easy-to-read numbers
  • Portable and perfect for on-the-go learning!

BUILD COUNTING AND MATCHING SKILLS - Grab a barnyard win down on the farm. Be the first to play all your cards! This Farm Animal Rummy Card Game is a very cute variation of a classic card game that can help kids improve their concentration, recognize matches, gain confidence, and build social skills. It also helps with counting, matching, and learning farm animal names. Each game card shows an animal, a number, and a suit (heart, spade, diamond, or club), which introduces kids to traditional card play. Two of the cards are "wild" and can be played as a match for others. The Parent Cards present the game's rules, along with tips and variations. Multiplayer games are also perfect for building soft skills including cooperation, collaboration, communication, teamwork, and empathy. Tuck this card pack in purse or tote bag for take-anywhere family fun. Intended for children ages 4 and up.