Ellwoods Elephant Twins

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Ellwoods Elephant Twins - Calico Critters are here! Congratulations to Ellwoods Elephant Family, they just had twins! Tiny babies Ella and Evan are the most adorable miniature elephant twins ever. These miniature Calico Critters toy elephant twins look just like their parents and already developed their own personalities. Baby Ella is sweet and loving like her mommy, she loves spending time with her family and especially going to the park with her older brother and sister. Baby Evan is full of energy, just like his older brother Elliot. Sometimes the cute toy baby elephant climbs out of his crib and crawls away exploring the house and the yard. Your children will love these new adorable mini toy baby animals. They will be thrilled by the idea of holding two of the world's largest mammals in the palm of their hand. These animal figurines are approximately 1.25 inches tall and have heads that turn. Educational Toys Planet offers Ellwoods Elephant Twins - Calico Critters alone or together with their entire Ellwoods Elephant Family as well as variety of Calico Critters' furniture and accessories to keep them comfortable.